About us

Arnaud van Gelder

Arnaud van Gelder

From the very first time I saw the beautiful mountains at the age of 6, I was immediately deeply impressed. This has never changed over the years! I love being active outdoors in the fresh air, while enjoying the magnificent views. I would like to share this passion with you!

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MEX Austria stands for Mountain Experience Austria, and started as a wild dream in February 2018. After some time of daydreaming and exchanging ideas, we started putting things on paper. In April 2020 MEX Austria was officially launched! Our goal is, that you will have a wonderful experience in the mountains!

Bram Snijders


After many years working as a P.E. teacher, I emigrated to Kaprun with my wife and two daughters. MEX Austria is a new challenge for me, where different passions come together: mountain sports and inspiring others for this, letting people experience the freedom in the mountains, and a heart for people!