Outdoor sports

MEX Austria takes care of the entire outdoor sports trip for your group!

Vervoer - Mex Austria


A recognized bus company will take you from your country to your destination. In consultation, the coach can be used in Austria as well.

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We have different types of accommodations in our portfolio. Varying in location, luxury and price range we will be able to find the right place for you!



MEX Austria has partnerships with local, certified outdoor sports companies. Together with you we’ll compile a great program!

Our Outdoor Sports Activities


MEX Austria has a wide range of hikes, varying from day trips to trips for several days, where we’ll stay in huts with half board and beautiful views.


Enjoy the breathtaking sceneries after an intense climb! The fast descent will feel like a bonus. We can offer both the classic mountainbike and the electric one.


Follow the river through a gorge! To do so, one must: hike, swim, climb and descend (with rope).


Rafting is an exciting and adventurous watersport. The aim is to stay in the boat, which can be quite a challenge. The rivers in Austria can be fast and wild due to the huge amount of melt water.

Climbing/ rappelling/ cable sliding

Climbing like Spiderman secured by a climbing harnass, carabiner and rope, descending over the edge (into a steep precipice) or going down full speed on a long cable.


Flying through the air like a bird, while enjoying the world underneath and around you! You fly with a licensed and experienced pilot.